• I successfully defended my PhD titled “High-Resolution Mass Spectrometry for the Analysis of Interfacial Kinetics of Organic Surface Reactions” on 20th September 2017. The thesis was graded as “Very good” placed as top 20% of all theses submitted to Wageningen University. The full thesis covers the work done over the last four years in unraveling the complex problem of determining interfacial kinetics and provides an elegant one stop shop to these problems.
  • During my time as a PhD, I was responsible for developing a novel technique to investigate surface reactions rates molding me into an expert in surface chemistry and ambient mass spectrometry. My work resulted in several peer-reviewed publications in notable international journals including two Angewandte Chemie papers. Please head over to the Publications pages for updates.
  • I have determined the reaction kinetics of several “metal-free” click reactions namely, SPAAC, SPOCQ and IEDDA reactions. The activation parameters of these interesting reactions were determined for the first time.
  • Our group has also developed a straight-forward method to modify chemically inert mica covalently allowing us to study biological processes in a step-wise manner. This is especially advantageous as most current research focuses on drop-casting pre-fabricated biological constructs onto mica for microscopic examinations. This precludes the possibility of actually “seeing” the formation of these interesting and highly functional constructs. We aim to expand this research further in our laboratory.
  • Recently, we have for the first time combined quantum mechanics (DFT), molecular dynamics (MD) and experimental techniques to study how molecules approach a surface. We have provides an insight on how certain molecules align on the surface and how they are approached by their counterparts in solution. Its like watching the landing of chemicals on a surface at a molecular level. This work has been featured in Chemistry – A European Journal!
  • Also “Work hard and relax” is my mantra so in my free time I read history and enjoy swimming. We can engage in deep meaningful conversations on several topics over cups of coffee anytime.